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UAE pavilion building collapse

Pray for UAE:

Tragedy as the UAE pavilion building collapse, the building have been scheduled for Dubai expo exhibition. The unveiling of the building has been postponed indefinitely due to the covid 19 pandemic.

This is the most traumatic event the UAE have ever experienced so far, the UAE Pavilion Building is a 19,200 square meter exhibition project under construction in Downtown Dubai, which is the most important site for the exhibition show.

The building collapsed trapping 7 engineers, 3 of the engineers have been found dead due to suffocation and 4 badly injured. We have confirmed that about 27 people are badly injured. Search rescue team are conducting a massive search on the site, with some residents volunteering in this search rescue mission. The emergency response team arrived at the site 10 minutes after the collapse.

Oliver Sun, CEO and the architect in charge of this project was also badly injured too. The UAE council has launched an investigation to determine the cause of the building collapse. It has been alleged that the failure was possibly due to high concrete stresses on the floor slabs by the placement process resulting in cracking, ending in a type of punch-through failure.

Experts explained the collapse was preventable and highlighted the deficiencies of the lift slab construction. This is rumored to be the fault of the architect in charge, we will be sure when investigation is concluded.

We believe that the UAE council are guarding the premises and preventing the press to gain access to the collapse site for pictures and further in-depth news. There are hundreds of military guarding the construction site as we report now.

Ali Muhammad

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